Nicaragua & Batgirl

July 20, 2012

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks since I came back from Nicaragua, so this is a long overdue update I believe. But given the conditions of my recovery I’d say it’s okay, which will be explained in this entry.

The week long stay in extreme heat and humidity without air conditioning but plenty of insects sounds dreadful, but God showed up and showed us how far His arms can go when He wraps the world in His arms. To find brothers and sisters in the hovels and shanties was a blessing, more than the word can relate. Where I live we are the privileged top 0.2% of the world, and I say that not as a boast but as a statement of how dangerous a place this is; spiritual warfare rages here silently in complacency, passivity, and eventually apathy.

I found motivation to pursue medicine even harder when three little girls with smiling eyes found us. One with a cough. One with a heart that raced. One with a kidney infection. All I could offer them was my Coke and a prayer. But give me 8 years and that’s going to change. And then before we knew it the crowd of VBS kids were replaced with the hustle and bustle of the airport. And take off, to spend a day in Florida and wake up to the Miami sun before coming home, having survived intestinal worms and sunburns.

But God told me I’m not done yet when my meninges swelled up like a balloon and the ER was the only relief. In the haze of narcotics I met many doctors, and one decided it necessary to draw fluid out of my spinal sac and then proceed to stab 5 needles full of rabies vaccine into major muscles. Apparently the bat I had caught was a contagion.

16 days later all is well. Ain’t no stopping me.