I don’t care if my hallmates can hear me.



October 10, 2012

There is something about the way a person writes that his or her own characteristics begin to take shape within the letters themselves. Sentences guard the heart of its constructor while paragraphs give a melody to its composer’s voice. This is why journals and diaries are such intimate things–it is not so much the content which makes its keeper vulnerable as it is the way we as writers choose to grasp and weave words from the tumultuous flow of emotions and realities of our minds and hearts that make those bared pages like exposed flesh. We create and bend our own worlds, such is the power of words. What seems chained to this world will transcend it through words. It is a map that charts the constellations of thought.

There is something so beautiful in the way one can gaze into a heart merely by reading.


October 9, 2012

I had forgotten how powerful a tool the media could be–our culture is so immersed in this constant flow of updates, comments, and networking that it’s quite the oddity should you find someone not “in the know” concerning their friends and other denizens of social spheres. It’s actually a blatant fact for a tech-saavy adolescent such as myself seeing as I am plugged into Facebook and have three blogs. But for some reason I had thought I was exempt from this current, that I am merely a trickle of information and commentary with sudden indignant flairs.

For someone as type A as I, one would think I would not make the error of carelessly translating raw thought into a post available for all to see. Think about it. But because I forgot that my main blog is not limited to my eyes only I made this mistake.

This is one of many occasions when ignorance is not bliss.


October 2, 2012

I never thought it would come to this between you and me.

I never thought that our friendship would be precariously hanging from an edge because of a girl, one of my best friends at that. Heck. I never thought my relationship with her would be shattered like this but you…you were the biggest surprise.

I can’t believe it all depends on what you say next now. You can’t erase that accusatory tone and demanding words from the other night. You can’t take back the words you said. I never thought you’d ever make me cry this way. All you cared about was being the hero, making it seem like you cared a great deal more for her than all of us. But I still want to turn the page and find that you’re still part of the story.

Too bad this isn’t a “everything-goes-back-to-normal” scenario. A shift has happened and it’s a permanent change. That’s how deep that phone conversation cut, David.¬†How could you?

I just…I can’t. You’ll never know what you did and so I guess that means I just lost a friend.