September 30, 2013

I’m going to change the world. 

How about you?


Dear God,

September 22, 2013

Sometimes I wonder where my otter is, but then I remember he’s got his own journey with You. I would ask You to please take care of him but I know that You have been doing that long before I even conceived the thought of that otter.

You are just way good.




September 21, 2013

There are two kinds of shoppers: the stalwart and the impressionable.

The stalwart know exactly what he/she is looking for, and maybe even exactly what he/she wants. This kind of person will stubbornly insist on this one item. Only that one, not any others.

The impressionable peruse through racks and stores in search of something they think they’d want. They have some idea but because it’s not as concrete as the more persistent type these shoppers tend to have more items on their person.

I am a stalwart if we follow this metaphor, but can be quite impressionable when I don’t have a goal. So my policy is not to go shopping unless I know I need something, or else I’ll be wandering and wondering what I need and what I want. And that’ll be a huge, costly mistake.



September 18, 2013

“I AM yours, 
and you are Mine.”

“I am Yours”

“You are mine.”

What love, what love, what Love.
Feeble words through 
Broken voice
Yet Your love–
Ravages this little heart of mine.
Wreckage and carnage;
I am your casualty.
He, His love, is this:

A violent out-pour
But the sweetest rain.

How else, HOW do I respond?
Words fail me
And my world is blinded with Your light.
How else can I respond?

What, Love?
You are teaching me day by day
Day to day
This awesome Love
And what it’ll mean
To let go
Of it


You are making me.

I will sing psalms and selah.
My soul cries out
In utter, complete, total, helpless


September 15, 2013

Lord, I don’t understand what my heart feels and longs for. It’s like trying to find the white of the canvas under layers and layers of bold, soft, restless, and agitated colors.

My heart, it turns restlessly and Father, I wish it would stop. In this condition I am so prone.

“Lovely one”

September 7, 2013

A new name He calls me, and yet at times my insecurities could eat me alive.

Those tiny shadows that flit and blur the edges of my thoughts in unpredictable, suspended moments. That must be why He persists in this season of learning to simply receive. 

You’ve no idea how hard it is and I have no idea how hard it could and might become.