Crossing (pt. 2)

September 27, 2015

In October of 2013 I made a post during a time of transition in my life. To be honest, I don’t remember what it was that drove me to those thoughts. The significance behind whatever the events of change were, I doubt that post could be more relevant than it is now.

My layover in the post-graduate terminal is, quite obviously, a long one. I’ve gotten comfortable. The blaring announcements of “jobs you’re interested in” dumped into my email followed by the chorus of beeps and jingles from all my tech hardly phase me anymore; it’s become more of a nuisance. Since my last entry I have had three calls for interviews and one job offer, as well as another potential job lined up via networking. I guess my lax demeanor can be contributed in part to these events, almost as if they signal the impending arrival of my plane.

But what I have come to realize during these long months is that I travel alone. There are many other people, and some friends, who wait with me for their flights too, but we will not all be boarding the same plane and they will not all arrive at the same time. I have learned to take comfort in knowing that there are others like me instead of leaning on them to support and reaffirm me. When the time comes they must depart, and so must I. Thank God He knows what He’s doing because this transition time is hecka long but He hasn’t let go of my hand in the thick of it so I doubt He’ll let go now in the calm.